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Shipping & Returns


1. We ship worldwide. Just to be able to enjoy and purchase the highest level of service, we direct to your door.

2. If the post-processing, payment processing with a tracking number, can be used 1 ~ 4 days after the meeting. It depends on the weight of the desired product articles. We charge save more money on transportation costs, customers are very low.

3. We offer shipping insurance to protect package for lost or damaged luggage. Despite the reported problems, and we will help you solve the problem of time.

4.Flat traffic speed reaches the target takes 7 to 25 countries around the world. However, regional differences are applied, we can not control, so we ask our customers to be patient.

A) it must be 7 to 14 for the US, Canada, Australia, and customers.
B) United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and many other European countries 7-25 working days.
C). For customers in South America, it may take 15 to 30.
ER). Other countries may take 15-25 days.

5. standard shipping rates, it usually takes 6 to 10 arrive in most of the countries of destination. After one or two days tracking number for each delivery point, usually we deliver the goods made in accordance. From time to time, and this can be a time delay, by encapsulating the different transportation company results it can be tracked. This is out of our control, so we ask our customers to be patient.

6. prompt delivery, we will go to other vessels in accordance with the region to promote DHL, UPR or shipping; Delivery time is 3 to 7.

Please Note: What is the turnaround time of a project?
If the order is received, strict quality control to ensure product quality is guaranteed for each product. Please note that a variety of factors, according to various treatment period. Under normal circumstances, the average period of 4 days (approx.); However, depending on the product in stock. For small order, it requires more processing 2-7 ilneun 3 to 7 processing time.

1. The standard rate of transport in Hong Kong and the longer time is affected by Time.

2. Chinese holidays this year (usually February) Chinese New Year, Labor Day (May 1 each year), China's National Day (October each year). If all of our suppliers and logistics service is stopped Please note affect the delivery time. Delay or more often 3-4 days. Sorry for the delay this time, I appeal for patience to the customer.

Is this for transmission to ensure product quality before the project is ready (3) treatment time. Our products have the strict quality control and good packaging products.

Shipping and Returns opens every customer quality and timely decision-quick delivery, parcel in the age of communication, at all stages of the insurance package that provides transfer of the free world class.

We are one of the most important question is commonly known as "Where's my stuff - Oh,, I'm sure it was meant to solve the problem?" When you buy a product online, do not worry about the "delivery If you buy products from our site, we take care of everything, so you do not worry about anything.

Processing, transmission and delivery of each step - she accepted process within the next 48 hours and how you feel. Of course, a problem, please contact our customer service, we set up a way to solve here.

We pride ourselves quickly and interests and safety, not the best of the best express logistics partners to ensure that much.

Note: For more information about the product expected in the presentation. The actual delivery time, depends on the availability of the service that solve problems that affect the delivery and to express delivery. You can not really fully protect buyers. You should always choose the right, you can contact customer service, canceled due to delivery delays.

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